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Downwards by Matthew Mifsud

"This is the brother of the previous piece Upwards. It's all about how changing the perspective in life can make everything look different. The three red stripes represent roads in life and how all of a sudden things can change and take you on a slightly different path than expected." -  The original art is 'Acrylics on canvas' 


I think of my work as a small window into another world; a world free from anxiety and chaos. I find the process of painting these very therapeutic. It allows me to escape into these worlds and spaces and calm my mind down, which is continually racing, pacing and trying to understand. Constant bombardment from social media, advertising and media messages is very draining. These paintings represent a respite and refuge. The bold colours used in each piece act as a catalyst to re-energise me. While the sharp lines offer a sense of order, and the use of perspective provides a stronger sense of space - inviting a viewer to step into the world I’ve built. 
- Printed on Giclée Canson Baryta Gloss

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