F**K Fast Fashion?

Well, before the avalache of fast fashion came crashing upon us, people used to go shopping a few times a year! When the seasons changed, or when they had worn-out a pair of sneakers, they would replace them. But, this was 20 years ago.

The highstreet got cheaper and grew more and more trends with 16-24-32 seasons a year - fast fashion thrived. The worlds consumers became a fashion toronado, sweeping up cheap trends and spitting them out just as quick.

But, when the 2013 disaster of the Rana Plaza clothing manufacturing complex in Bangladesh collapsed (killing over 1,000 workers), the tornado was noticed, and the world began to wake up.

People became interested in what exactly Fast Fashion was, wondering how it was possible to create a t-shirt for $2.50 without exploitation.
Who was paying the price? What was the true cost?

So, how can you spot fast fashion?

  • Cheap ‘trendy’ highstreet fashion items
  • Read your labels, watch out for unsustainable cheap fabrics.
  • ‘Copy-catwalk’ culture - turning celebrity trends around at crazy speeds.

Is Fast Fashion fading away?

Some changes are being made in the fashion industry. The anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse is now Fashion Revolution Week, where people all over the world ask “Who Made My Clothes?” Fashion Revolution declares that “we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet”.