The number of tyres we discard each year can circle the planet three times. Three!

Imagine if we reused them efficiently instead of throwing them in a big hole and hoping they disappear...

This isn’t a new idea. According to industry sources, tyre recycling is already making an impact - reducing from a stockpile of over a billion tyres in 1991 to 600 million now. If you’re bad at maths like me - that’s a lot!

Unsurprisingly, it’s not all good news though. 16% of tyres are still sent to landfill and tyres take up 75% of airspace at landfill sites. They provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and also trap methane which can cause landfill to rupture.

So, risk airborne disease and other nastiness, or recycle more efficiently?

Easy choice. If tyres are necessary, using them just once is a little stupid.
Let’s be smarter.

- by featured writer @injoeswords