OK Google, where is Ardsl(e)y?

It ain’t New York, it’s South Yorkshire.  

Ardsley is a village in Barnsley - known for its strong northern accent, a history of mining - and the ASOS warehouse.

It’s also the hometown of Founder and Creative Director Emma Greenwood.  She’s the one woman driving force behind the brand and after  deciding  to drop the ‘e’, ARDSLY was born.

ARDSLY isn’t defined by borders either - South Yorkshire via London
and a pretty big stopover in Mexico (the colour had to come from somewhere!)

The recycled tyres in their shoes were diverted from landfill, and the tees exclusively use organic cotton to ensure the designs give you a little hug on the conscience - as well as looking pretty kick ass.

There aren’t any tyre-some puns here, just lots of cool sh*t and a whole lot of hard work. 

Not coming to a high street store near you. 

- by featured writer @injoeswords