Presenting the first ever collection, L-FILL. With a luxurious yet relatable range of genderless boots - Ardsly is committed to injecting vibrant disruption into sustainable fashion’s dry landscape. Drawing inspiration from timeless references, we bounce between  decades of fashion while blurring the lines of gender, social class and occasionality. The design began with the Chelsea boot, infused with a combination of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s inspiration and bold colour. This continues through to nostaglic references of clip art and prints, inspired by the 90s and naughties. Creating an eclectic mix of playful sophistication.

To launch, we present a collection designed to be artistically conscious: providing out-of-the-norm, sustainability focused footwear. Our shoes are soled with recycled rubber, cut directly from used tyres. Each reclaimed tyre = 2 pairs of Ardsly genderless boots, reducing landfill pair by pair and meaning every sole is as unique as the person wearing them.

Our commitment to quality has reached an exciting high with this collection of pieces: constructed using Goodyear and lock stitch welts, methods chosen to avoid landfill and last a lifetime. Choosing synthetic or real, brushed-off leather, all locally sourced in Mexico, we rival the elegance of luxury tailored shoes  with an edge of industrialism. boots follow a slow, small-batch methodology. A pace accustomed to quality.

From Ardsl(e)y to London to Mexico: the brand’s universality began in ‘Ardsley’, a small village found in a northern mining town in the UK, and the place designer, Emma Greenwood, grew up. The DNA of the brand pays homage to locations she has lived in. From Camden Road to a new creative home in Mexico - each style is named after a place or street she has walked. Her ‘northern roots’ work in tandem with an eclectic appetite, offering  a true insight into this emerging designer’s vision for a more sustainable, yet unapologetically fun direction in fashion.



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